Excursions Quo Vadis Rovinj

Sailboat Quo Vadis was built in 1906. year. Wooden boat was designed for the transport of cargo at sea and was designed and built in a specific form to be safe and stable. At the beginning of last century built a boat engine that has been altered several times and is in the last renovations built a new one.

The boat is fully restored and renovated 2002nd year. Besides being one of the oldest ships now, and the most comfortable and attractive boat intended to carry passengers in tourism.



  • Sunset – excursion around the islands – Rovinj by night 20.00h – 21.30h
  • Panorama of Rovinj and excursion around the Rovinj islands
  • LIM FJORD Excursions Rovinj Istra – Quo Vadis

Everyone who comes in the city of Rovinj, remains fascinated by its overall beauty: the medieval old town, city squares, natural beauty and the Mediterranean climate, so surely must come back at least ones.
We are a company for transporting passengers on the sea  with years of experience, operating almost 20 years.

We enable you to more easily, more comfortable and better visit to all the natural beautys of Rovinj such as the islands of Rovinj, the old town, the coastal side of the nature park “Zlatni rt”(Golden cape) and the protected of natural wonder ” Lim fjord “chanel, which is entirely possible to visit only by boat .

Our guide on board will explain in detail all features of our natural beauty in many languages.

We look forward to seeing you abord!