Feštinsko kraljevstvo

In the heart of Istria near the village of Feštini close to Žminj, with its natural beauties is the Feštini Kingdom Cave. Entering the cave, you can hear the harmonious sound of the water lets that from time immemorial have created wonderful underground treasures reflected in small pools of water.
been equipped with safe walkways that are accessible to every visitor.

The cave inspires visitors with the variety of its stalactite and stalagmite formations, especially The Magician´s Hat, The Tower of Babylon, and the huge Bat´s Wing, through the latter of which the roots of the grapevines above draw water from the floor of the cave.

In addition ot the underground beauties, you can also enjoy the idyllic scenery and other attractions (a mini-farm, a mini-bar with refreshments, etc.).

If you want to forget life´s daily stresses at least for a moment, visit us and enjoy the Feštini Kingdom!


The cave is a natural cavity in the Earth´s crust. Croatia is dominated by caves if karst relief deposits of limestone and dolomite shaped by the chemical and mechanical action of water. In addition to these rocks, caves have also been shaped in layers of gypsum, salt, magma rock, conglomerate, breccia and even ice.

The basic structure of a cave is made up of the entrance, the channel and the hall. The cave channel is the elongated portion of the cavity, while the hall is a more spacious area most frequently formed by the broadening of the cave channels. Caves that have no connection with the surface are called caverns.

The people who explore caves are known as speleologists, while cave exploration is called speleology.