Istra Riding

In 2001, in the Istrian village Manjadvorci only 18 km away from Pula, appeared the Ranch Barba Tone. Since then, twenty horses carried on their backs hundreds of tourists – riders and non-riders. The vast majority of tourists is returning – discover for yourself why.
We are here for you every day throughout the year.

We’ll take you for trips that last for hours, to the sea where you will have the unique opportunity to swim with these noble animals. On day trips you will also see the Vicina cave while riding the horse. For those who want to know more you will learn all about Istrian historical landmarks in the most ancient town of the largest Croatian peninsula – the town of Nesactium. The most enduring skilled riders are in for exciting one-day or several days of trekking across the entire Istria and during all seasons.

Accommodation is available in the tent and the barn on the ranch, and apartments in the village. Your horse can stay in our pension for horses. We offer one-day, seven-day and annual horse properties. The horses perform in outlet boxes and cleaned daily.

We fully train, fitness and mentally, horses intended for “Endurance”.
We organize summer and winter children’s riding camps. In the winter camps, we also provide training for taking riding permits and licenses for remote riding.

In the fall, winter and spring you can attend at our riding school and therapeutic riding.