DANISAN tourist agency and real estate management services



The agency offers accomodation services, sale of excursions, rental of bicycles and mediation in the organization of transfers.


The offered accommodation units are described according to the official categorization of the competent institution and based on the insight into the actual condition of the accommodation when it is categorized The information that the client receives at the point of sale does not oblige the agency to a greater extent than the information published on the internet site.

The price of the accommodation includes a basic service as described in the accommodation unit. Accommodation prices are published in Euros. The Agency reserves the right to change the published prices. For those who have paid the advance for a particular reservation, the Agency guarantees the price of accommodation stated in the reservation based on which they have paid the amount of the advance. If the change occurs prior to the advance payment, the Agency is obliged to notify the guest about the price change.

The prices of the object listed on the website of the Agency do not have to match the prices published in the guest house, and any price difference may not be the subject of the claim. If more persons arrive in the accomodation than with the reservation was made in the booked accommodation unit, the Agency has the right not to accept unannounced guests or to accept them but at an extra charge of unannounced guests on the spot.

The Agency is obliged to announce on the page if there are additional costs not included in the price of the accommodation, but are charged extra (city tax, use of air conditioning, pets and use of wifi). The user confirms that he has read all the details of the accommodation unit he has reserved.


When selling accommodation services, the agency provides the guest with the possibility of booking the accommodation , by email or by telephone: Prior to the reservation itself, the guest has the option of choosing several accommodation units that interest him. If the desired facility is not available, the agency may propose accommodation that best suits its needs. The Agency is obligated to respond to the guest’s request as soon as possible. For the final confirmation of the reservation, the guest must pay an advance of (30%) to the bank account of the accommodation owner if the reservation is direct) and the rest of the guest pays upon arrival (in cash). The guest can pay the deposit by bank transfer. The money transfer costs is covered by the sender.



The Agency reserves the right to modify and cancel reservations only in cases caused by the influence of other external factors. In case that the Agency is not able to provide a guest accommodation, it obliges the guest to find another similar accommodation in the same categorization of the same or higher price and categorization. If the guest is not ready to accept any solution of the offered accommodation, the Agency is obliged to return the guest the full amount paid for the reservation.


If the guest wants to cancel the reservation, he can do that bysending an email or in written, but always in writen.

In case of cancellation of the reservation, the Agency reserves the advance payment of 30% of the total amount of the reservation. If the guest has paid the full price of the accommodation or 100% of the reservation then the Agency refunds 70% of the amount of the reservation less the costs of bank transfer.


The guest has the right to complain and appeal when arriving at the accommodation. If it is not satisfied with the service received, the guest is obliged to notify the Agency immediately upon arrival. The Agency is obliged to accept the complaint only if the guest has clearly visible evidence.

Likewise, the Agency is obliged to offer alternate accommodation to guests if the guest presents clear evidence of non-compliance with the reservation.

If a guest does not advertise on-site accommodation, he or she does not claim the right to refund money.

The highest compensation for the complaint can reach the amount of the advertised part of the service, and can not include the services already utilized, nor the total amount of the service. This excludes the guest’s right to a refund of 100% of the accommodation price.

The Agency does not accept complaints related to the contents that are not within its competence to which it can not be affected (street works, beach cleanliness, condition of the facilities in the immediate vicinity, climatic conditions etc.).


Information provided by the Agency when booking is used exclusively for the purpose of work and is passed on to service providers.

The Agency undertakes to keep the privacy of its guests’ privacy.


DANISAN tourist agency and real estate management company reserves the right to change the data and price of the accomodation units and other on the page.